Supporting sustainable livelihoods


The Okavango Delta is a biodiversity hotspot, constituting one of Africa’s most pristine and important conservation areas. We believe that conservation of this natural resource is futile without the support of resident communities.

In order to encourage communities to support and actively partake in conservation of natural resources, they should be allowed to benefit from these conservation areas and the tourists who come to visit them. For the crafters we support, this implies fair access to raw materials and opportunities to sell their crafts to tourists in safari camps, attractive craft centres, and internationally.

Sustainable harvesting

There is room for the industry to expand, if communities are given the knowledge and means to implement sustainable harvesting. Mokola is a resilient species, and availability of the leaf-shoots used for basketry will increase rapidly if harvesting is conducted in a sustainable manner. Studies have shown that productivity can be sustained when there is an annual harvest of no more than 50% of the annual leaf production.

This may be achieved by rotating or spreading harvesting out over a larger area. To this end, the workshops and logistical support our partners provide for harvesting trips away from the villages are a step in the right direction.


In promoting responsible trade of Botswana and Zimbabwe baskets, we cannot ignore the numerous studies presented over the last three decades that point to the importance of a sustainable harvesting strategy of palm leaves and associated dye plants. We have taken some steps in the right direction, but realise that we have a long way to go. We welcome  any support in our efforts to  promote sustainable harvesting. 

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